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super superficial

super superficial
dimensões variáveis
pintura guache e spray s/ papel, escultura c/ sacolas plásticas,
projeção laser e filtro 'ar' para instagram

coletiva 'dear amazon'. Ilmin museum, Seul, Coréia.
junho de 2019


Super Superficial

> low quality, low resolution, high absorption--> Digital images, act as a kind of spectral entities that float one in the other dimension and then they accumulate on the bottom of our memory. To bring this ghostly aspect of them to the space I choose using the lightness, reflection, transparence, the toxicity of plastic bags as screens. And laser light, to create an ethereal sculpture - along the expositive space.

Plastic bags provide a precarious experience, bringing up how cheap and guided by consumption our relation with materials is, as well as with mages, objects, environment and so on. They are forgotten objects of our culture wandering meaningless in our planet after accomplishing their tasks of wraps. I think about their spirits and how similar they are with the nature elements, acting as a wind or water, They already are landscape of our dystopic historical moment.

>> Starting point

My desktop was the starting point of this project, the mess of collected digital images forming a cloud of diffuse information, memories and sensations. Light inputs absorbed by the consciousness. My interest is to know how the materiality of this data would be. I have realized that maybe our body is their materiality.

>> Lygia Clark, material and space

Manipulating cheap materials as plataform to perceive our body, expand our relation with the space, proposing an poetic deviation of the their original projects. Using the air and the emptyness as sculptural element.

Painting pieces of images, converting them in a non-linear process, digesting and distorting them with the human gesture. The color tends to fade to grey as air pollution, the surface becomes silver like an industrial product (kind of post Heinz Mack), reflective, with an appearance between the solid and the abstract.

The painting has a close relation with the laser projection, all images painted were once light, before the pigment. Now they reflect the light of the environment, changing its shades, mutating the pallet according to the ambience, suggesting RGB colors.